Farron - Class of 2017
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Sunday, January 15, 2017
By Gina Lantz Photography
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This year we had so much fun with our Class of 2017 Seniors. Farron's shoot was a blast. We went up to the barn and got some really great shots. These are some of our favorites.

We also did a fun flour shoot with our model crew. This was so much fun, and a bit messy.

Then we painted with fire! This was a lot of fun, and even though it looks dangerous, it's not. The fire is kept far away from our senior models. And parents are encouraged to stay and watch (and sometimes even help) with the session.

And with Farron, we did a black and white concept shoot. This was a lot of fun as well. And since we were in studio, of course we have to be photobombed by our Doxie Bupkis. No session is complete without him saying hello and posing for a quick shot.

The year is not over yet, there will be more fun stuff coming soon.


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