Your child will be heading off to college soon. They have literally grown up before your very eyes. From their first words, first steps, first lost tooth, first day of school, first boyfriend/girlfriend, first heartbreak, etc., their lives have been filled with many firsts. And you’ve been there through it all.

Senior year is can be an emotional one, not only for them, but also for you as a parent. Before you know it, you will be celebrating their last homecoming, their senior prom, graduation, and then sending them off to college. Some will go to college in another state to further their education. Don't you want to have heirloom albums and artwork to look at while they are away?

Are you new to navigating this whole senior photo thing? We are here to help you get through the process of getting ready for senior photos, the actual session, choosing your favorites, submitting them for the yearbook, and ordering the ones you want to keep and cherish forever.

Would you trust this important milestone to just a cheap photographer who delivers your images on a CD (who even can read those anymore) or a thumb drive that will just get lost in a drawer somewhere, or would you like to capture these memories with quality images and products designed to last a lifetime? We offer a full senior experience with images designed to look like they were pages ripped out of a magazine, and placed into heirloom quality products for years of enjoyment. After all, generations to come will continue to enjoy looking through the albums to see who they most resemble.

Let us design the ultimate photography experience for you and your senior. Call us today to schedule a studio tour to find out more about what makes us different than rest.

 See a copy of our Senior Magazine here: GLP Senior Magazine